Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Vacation?

Yes, apparently I am incorrigible!

I'm misbehaving at this very moment--I'm inside blogging instead of being outdoors, painting landscapes. Our RS lesson yesterday was about Visiting Teaching, and I got so excited, I just had to update my old links for June's message. I also pinned some new free June VT printables at pinterest. Find them in the 2012 Free VT Handouts link to the left under the Pinterest heading.

Changing links was bad enough behavior already, adding to my VT pinterest board even worse, but now I'm afraid I can't keep myself from sharing a few summer theme ideas for your sisters, too--

If a sister is heading out on a road trip, you might adapt a suggestion or two for her and her family from the Road Trip ideas posted at the Dating Divas:

If a sister is setting out for the beach, or on a camping trip, S'mores might be a fun way to send her off. It's even a tasteful way of celebrating the fact that Summer is almost he

I love the tag at Pinterest that simply says, "Sending you S'more love!" Perfect for VT!

 And finally, a refreshing way to welcome Summer from Caramel Potatoes, complete with recipe and tag printables. (You'll have to sign up at 4shared to access the printables):

 Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time letting things go! Just one more fun summer gift idea from Caramel Potatoes...Hot Fudge Sauce.

And maybe combine it with a great quote by Eliza R. Snow from Thankful Me ("Warm her up/hot fudge sauce here

I would show you my last painting but it's so bad, it wouldn't be very nice of me. You'd definitely tell me to get back out there and get painting. I really hope no more lessons this month are about VT! ;) So, until later...(if not sooner!) 

Have a great visit this month!


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  1. Thanks for using my handout.Teaming it up with hot fudge sauce and ice cream sounds wonderful!