Tuesday, October 1, 2013

General Conference--Drink It All In!

Yes, technically, this is still not an active blog. (If it were, I would have to fix all the broken links that were created by Google's changes. Carpal tunnel is actually wonderful thing on unwanted occasions like these.) But I can't stay away any longer--this Saturday and Sunday is my favorite weekend. General Conference. I can't think of anything better than to listen to inspired messages while sitting alongside the ones I love most. It feels like a beautiful dream is ending when the final session winds down to the closing hymn and prayer, and we have to return to reality again.

It wasn't always that way. One day, back in high school, my lukewarm Conference attitude changed when I went out to get the mail. As I pulled the Conference issue of the Ensign out of the mailbox, something on the cover caught my eye: "Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." My heart soared and I thought, "Of course!" I have loved Conference ever since. When Steve and I were dating, he earned major points because 1. He knew who Neal A. Maxwell was (My favorite apostle at the time. I was surprised how many guys had no clue.) and 2. He appreciated the wordsmithing of Elder Neal A. Maxwell enough to own most of his books. From that point on, it wouldn't have mattered if Steve had had 3 arms (he doesn't) or if he didn't like pizza (he doesn't). The rest was history.

So, to celebrate my favorite weekend, I planned to create a General Conference Kit from A Bushel and a Peck for my VT sisters:

Or maybe a spinoff based on it, VT General Conference Gifts at Babblings and More:

But I kept thinking about living waters. And I finally decided it might be easier to create my own handout than to create a new password at Scribd for the Conference Kit download. The design is strongly influenced by something you might have seen somewhere recently before:

Download the free printable here.
Print the photo. Cut the tags out, layer them with the scripture tag on the bottom, the turquoise tag in the middle, and the circle tag on top. Punch a hole and tie the tags to a bottle of water.

(Hmm. Looks like I might have to pull out my carpal tunnel excuse again for the bad photo!) Have a wonderful Conference this weekend--drink it all in.

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