Friday, February 24, 2012

Freebie Fridays

If I've figured out how to upload it, you should be able to access my printable for the February Visiting Teaching Message here. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture. But trust me, it looked incredible. (Which might be a slight exaggeration but since no one can see it, no one can disagree.) AND it was easy. (No exaggeration!) Click, wait for it...

If anyone here has never made a heart from a paper strip, please raise your hand. That's exactly what I thought. I see no hands raised. But here are some instructions in case I missed someone...

Print out the printable. Colored paper looks great but isn't necessary.

Cut it along the solid lines. You'll end up with 6 strips. (If I had a fancy scalloped-edge scissor, I'd think about using it to cut out a narrower contrasting strip of paper. I'd glue the contrast strip to the center of the wider strip. On the unprinted side, of course!)

Fold each strip in half cross-wise, printed side inside.

Curl the top edges in to make a heart. Glue or staple ends of the unprinted sides together.

Tie the heart to whatever you want with curling ribbon, twine, etc. I tied mine to a clear goodie bag holding an angel food cupcake. (Yes. The very reason I added "Errand of angels" to the quote.) I should have had a photo, but cupcakes and my house do not intersect for long. I also thought about suggesting a Divinity recipe, but it gets a little temperamental if the weather is humid. That can happen from time to time here in Feb. It would not be pretty. Consider that idea at your own risk.

Or you can punch a hole in the top of a print out of this month's Visiting Teaching message and tie the heart to the message.
Easy does it!

Enjoy your visit!


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