Thursday, February 16, 2012

New on the Block...


Please excuse any confusion--I'm just moving in and not sure how I want to arrange everything yet. I am sure, though, that I hope to eventually become one of your favorite stops for links to VT printables, quotes, and inspiration every month.

The most important links I'll share each month are for the Visiting Teaching Message from The Ensign. I'll also post some of the mega-link pages of VT handouts and seasonal ideas:

  • The sugardoodle link for February VT handouts is here. On this link, any site listed with an asterisk is a commercial site, featuring materials that are not free.
  • A year of holiday-themed VT ideas from is here.
  • And of course, the mother lode of Visiting Teaching ideas, Visiting, is here.

I love, love, love graphics and design, but VT handouts are admittedly the least important part of any visit. I've asked myself many times why I would consider devoting time to a blog featuring one of the least important parts of Visiting Teaching.

I know a few women who feel they have no time or creativity, but still want to do fun or beautiful things for their sisters. By sharing what I've discovered on the internet or created myself, I hope others will benefit, too, and that this creative energy will enliven your life as well as bless the sisters you visit.

Will I find a way to keep the most important links from ending up at the very bottom of the page? Can I add a background? Will I ever figure out how to post my own designs? For these exciting developments and even more important--for Visiting Teaching inspiration--keep tuning in here!

Enjoy your visit!


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