Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On-a-Whim Wednesdays

To post, or not to post...that's what "On-a-Whim Wednesdays" are all about. It's Wednesday, my least-favorite day of the week, and I'm not anxious to pile anything else onto that. (Growing up, Wednesday night was always chili night.) Maybe Wednesdays now have the potential to become my favorite day of the week? Definitely worth a try.

from mishmash mom

Now that I don't have to post, here's today's offering--a free printable from Kathy's blog, Mishmash Mom. This printable can accompany this month's message, or any Visiting Teaching message about love or service. (So I'll post it every month. Kidding!) One re-purposing idea is to re-size it to fit the front of a planner or calendar you've printed up or bought for a dollar. Great for the end of the year--m
aybe I'll post it again after all! (Still kidding.)

You'll have to add your own heart embellishments that you see at the bottom of the print. Even though you are on a VT blog, I have to quickly add that if you choose to make one for yourself, you might add a long, narrow photo of your family along the bottom instead. In black and white or sepia, of course.

For the printable download page with 8.5 x 11" and 5 x 7" options, click here.

Enjoy your visit!


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