Monday, April 9, 2012

Focusing on Others

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program…

Last week was exciting with Easter and the strengthening of Visiting Teaching, but it's time to settle back into the regular routine again.

Actually, I need to confide something to you--Motivational Monday isn't going over so well. I know. The stunned silence I currently hear is to be expected. There will be some changes to come in the next month. But for now, it's back to just Motivational Monday and Freebie Friday for the upcoming week. (I'm teaching RS this Sunday! Still have to get to work on the live orchestral background score, the PowerPoint presentation and Brunch Bar. OK, kidding, but I do have to put in a little more time on the lesson this week!) In the meantime, I came across a very short clip about Visiting Teaching by former general RS president, Julie B. Beck. Take a quick look! It's about 1 1/2 minutes, and just might be some of the best time you spend today...

I wanted to quote something from my upcoming lesson--GA Smith, chapter 7, p. 73 (My emphasis added.) It dovetails so well with this video clip and the VT emphasis on ministering to our sisters:

"The treasures that we will find when we go to the other side will be those that we have laid up there by ministering to our Father's other sons and daughters with whom we have associated here. He has made this possible for all of us, and during our stay here we will be happier serving our fellows than we could possibly be in any other way."

Until Friday...have a great week!

Enjoy your visit!


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