Friday, April 6, 2012

Free for All

It's Friday! Fridays are already a favorite, but let's take things up a notch with a free little gift for you.

I've seen a lot of great free Easter tags coming through Pinterest. They're scattered throughout my Easter Pinterest board, link on the left side. But there was nothing really VT-related. What? No better opportunity than Easter to think of a sister, right?

I had no choice but to create a little tag with visiting teachers in mind saying, "We're only just a hop, skip, & a jump away!" I wanted this to tag be versatile, though, so, there are two others also on the page: "Hatched something up for you..." and "Easter's on its Way!" Just a sweet little way to show someone you're thinking of them!

The link is here. Click the little printer button that you'll see at the top left side of the page.

UPDATE: I recently found the following free printable, and think it would be a great one for visiting teachers. It's here.

Enjoy your visit! Wishing you a Happy Easter!


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