Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Distractions...

Writing yesterday's post was really hard. Since this month's Visiting Teaching changes are a watershed event, I wanted to say something about them. But I'm just me--not a VT authority. Easily solved; quote someone with authority instead.

Life is joyful. I wanted the post to be kind of light-hearted, but definitely not light-minded. It's sometimes hard to find the correct balance. So I decided to try a little thematic approach instead of humor--water; rescue; help. Solved.

Unfortunately, with Sister Beck's theme of rescue so strongly in my mind, the following cupcake image from pinterest kept popping into my head. I could hardly keep my thoughts off it:

This was possibly due more to the frosting factor than from the inspiration factor, but just in case, here they are today...

I think they might have originated here. Unfortunately, there are no detailed instructions, nor frosting recipe!

I had so many concerns, I never imagined that cupcakes, of all things, would end up being the factor that almost derailed my...Hmm. Maybe they'd make a cute VT gift. Since I can't get them off my mind, I might as well think about working on a tag for them...

Enjoy your visit!


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