Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conference Call

General Conference starts on Saturday, March 31st. I've never met a VT opportunity yet that wasn't covered by some clever blogger (thankfully!), so I've collected an idea or two from across the web that you might consider sharing with your sisters.

Up first, a great tag titled, Make the Most of General Conference, with the tag cleverly attached to a bag of M&Ms--credit goes to Marci Coombs for the idea. The information on the tag comes from suggestions found in the September 2004 New Era. This idea was posted at, and I also like the tag version that was posted at makoodle. (It's the one in the photo above.)

Download this printable here. It's 150 dpi

The March 2012 Ensign shared an article titled "Follow the Prophet" by Elder Randall K. Bennett. His great suggestions under "Learning to Listen to the Prophetic Word" were desperately crying out for attention so I compassionately obliged and created a bold statement with them. The printable is shown--three to a page. It's a bookmark! It's the back of an invitation to your house for a session of conference? It's a little reminder handout for your sister that General Conference is this weekend! It's an IFC (inside front cover or bookplate)! IFC for what, you are undoubtedly asking yourself...For (dramatic pause)

a conference journal for your sister!

Conference Journals:

Here is one method for covering a composition notebook from to beautify and personalize it for your sisters. Or, you can leave it as it is. I kind of like the classic B&W covers (no surprise there!) Or... can add tabs to the pages~The above photo from a Bushel and a Peck, shows some tabs with the names of the apostles added to the journal pages. Apparently, the download at the original site at is outdated, but someone commented there that they had created an updated set of tabs and (best of all) they are willing to share it.

I liked the suggestion to write the inspiration that come to you during conference in a place that's separate from your regular conference notes--maybe inside the journal margins. That way it won't get lost and overlooked.

Conference Goodie Kits/Baskets/Bags:

These offerings appear to run the gamut from practically mini-van-sized baskets to a travel-sized package of tissues. I picked out a couple of the more "adult" versions for you to consider. Don't feel obligated to re-create the whole kit. IMHO, even just one of the items makes a thoughtful gesture:

The Conference Kit shown above can be found here.

With some repeats, the Conference Kit shown above (and two others!) can be found here.

The Conference Goodie Bag shown above can be found here.

It's very possible you've already tried these suggestions before (except for the bookmark/IFC/invitation/reminder since I just finished it yesterday), so try checking out either for Conference ideas or Andrea's pinterest board of 50+ General Conference ideas here--both are amazing collections. (I wish I'd found these two links first instead of last!)

Enjoy your visit!


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