Thursday, March 1, 2012


Wouldn't you know that the one extra day of the year (Feb 29) would be a Wednesday, of all days? ;) But it did have a happy ending--brownies. I'm excited for the new month of March and for all of its opportunities that are still ahead.

This month, the Ensign features an article titled, Visiting Teaching: Understanding the Power of Ministry. Love that word. Power. It's strengthening, optimistic and purposeful. Find the pdf version here.

I'm sharing a Visiting Teaching printable from Inkablinka by Kristin because it fits in so well with the Create video I posted on Monday:

According to Kristin, "This Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel is meant to inspire us to watch over our sisters a little better – to be mindful every day of ways we can contact, influence and uplift those in our care."

The printables and instructions for the Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel are here!

And, as an introduction to the new message this month, Kristin's cute printable for March is here. (Maybe the real reason I like it is because that dark-haired lady drawing could almost be my twin?! Well, a girl can dream...)

Enjoy your visit!


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