Monday, March 26, 2012

A Father's Plea

There's still opportunity to visit, call, or write your sisters this month! If you'd like to include one of the many free March VT handouts with your message, look under the Pinterest Links heading in the left sidebar for the link, "Free March VT Handouts".

Yesterday, a man I've never seen before came forward to the pulpit during Fast and Testimony meeting. He introduced himself, and told us that he had several children, but only one of them was a daughter. He was here, visiting her, a member of our ward. He shared her name with us--one I didn't recognize--and told us that for his vacation every year, he travels to see her and to go on daddy-daughter adventures together.

You could feel the depth of his love for her as he continued, "I don't know who her home teachers are. I don't know who her visiting teachers are..." And he plead for their continued help in reaching out to her. He admitted it could be challenging, and that care and prayer would be needed. He shared with us a bit of her background, and told us that she still had a testimony deep inside. Before I knew it, she was no longer an unrecognizable name, but a very real person, a beloved daughter, entrusted to our care.

I wish you'd been there. I feel inadequate in trying to share what went through my heart and mind as I listened to him. It was impossible to ignore the similarities between this loving parent, and our first Father, whose love for us is broad and deep. He knows all his daughters perfectly, and completely. He will share with us the things we should know and do to reach out to them in friendship, and to grow in love. All he asks is that we try. We can only extend the opportunity--it is up to others to decide what to do with it. This is His work and He will comfort and help us in ministering to His daughters when we turn to Him.

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