Wednesday, March 21, 2012

VT Grab Bag

It's Wednesday. To celebrate that it's not "chili night" tonight, I'm sharing some various Visiting Teaching helps from across the web.

At the Mormon Channel, "we expand the Visiting Teaching message through quotes and insights from the general Relief Society presidency and other General Authorities." Listen to the current message here. Scroll down the page to find episode 16.

If you're interested in a free VT Visit Reminder Magnet Printable,

jpcreative is happy to set you up with one.

In a twist on a project from Martha Stewart, here's an eye-catching way to share Oatmeal cookies with your Sisters. Save up your 18 oz oatmeal containers! If you don't have a large printer to print the label that wraps around the canister, try Kinkos or Staples. The lid should work with most printers:

from A Bushel and a Peck

For anyone in need of a little inspiration:

If you're a VT Supervisor, you might be interested in a calling card

Or take a look at this VT Organizer, with a list of our responsibilities, along with a place to record phone numbers:

It Works for Bobbi!" here.

For those who have completed their March visits and can't wait to see what's up for April, the link for the new message, Love, Watch Over, and Strengthen, is posted to the left, near the top.

Enjoy your visit!



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  2. This is a great round up of visiting teaching helps. I enjoyed looking around here. Thanks for featuring my designs at It makes me want to get back to sharing more of my VT designs there.

  3. I love the VT holder for the fridge that says "done". When clicking on her site, it is not open to readers. If you could email me the download of the first one from this article, that would be so helpful! Thank you!!