Friday, March 2, 2012

Your 24/7 Convenience Blog for VT

Today's post is a. short (for me) and b. sweet (see next photo). Convenience. That's the goal. This blog is a handy reference to see what's available for VT across the web at a single glance with a single click. Or twoish.

Check out the Pinterest Links to the left at the top. For free VT handouts, click on the link cleverly named "Free March VT Handouts" to bring up a Pinterest gallery (shown above). This handout board will disappear sometime during the first week of April, so grab whatever you want before the month is over. (Of course!)

Want St. Patrick's day ideas to share with your sisters? There's a gallery in the Pinterest Links list. A few of the printables are free. Something for spring? I've posted a board for spring ideas, too. And since Easter arrives so early in April, I've also included a link for it.

When is daylight savings? First day of spring? Find out with the list of important March Dates to the right at the top. You might want to do something to commemorate one of those days. My VT, Jennifer, once brought me a jar of homemade pickled beets and a tag that said something cute about "beet the clock" for daylight savings.

Saving the best for last, the March Visiting Teaching message, Daughters in My Kingdom, is listed in the left column at the very top in the March VT Message list. Now it's easy to access it--with just one click. Convenience at the tip of your finger!

Enjoy your visit!


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